Kafka komisch?

01 Dec 2014

"And it is this, I think, that makes Kafka's wit inaccessible to children whom our culture has trained to see jokes as enternainment and entertainment as reassurance...No wonder they cannot appreciate the really central Kafka joke: that the horrific struggle to establish a human self results in a self whose humanity is inseparable from that horrific struggle....You can ask them to imagine his stories are all about a kind of door. To envision us approaching and pounding on this door, increasingly hard, pounding and pounding, not just wanting admission but needing it; we don't know what it is but we can feel it, this total desperation to enter, pounding and ramming and kicking. That, finally, the door opens...and it opens outward - we've been inside what we wanted all along. Das ist komisch."

David Foster Wallace: "Some remarks on the funniness of Kafka", in Consider the lobster, Abacus, 2008, pp. 64-65