"The future of travel literature is in good hands with the likes of such authors," wrote Belgian daily "De Standaard der Letteren" on my book "At the Foot of the Volcano", a rare portrait of Nicaragua today. A must read for anyone visiting the country for the first time and for revolutionary nostalgics alike.

Born in the Netherlands, I tried selling roses in Paris and never made it as a ski-instructor in the Alps. Instead, I ended up in Latin America, writing for leading Dutch newspapers and magazines, before becoming involved in international operations in Iraq and Afghanistan on which I recently published the non-fiction novel "Woordvoerder" (not yet available in English).

Currently, I live near Rome with my wife and children, and would love to start writing my next book on Africa, while being able to finish a long due film on Mexican boxing. Meanwhile, I hope to make a little difference by using my skills to tell captivating stories on global issues as climate change and migration.