At the Foot of the Volcano

04 Jul 2014

Since the end of the Sandinista revolution, Nicaragua has ceased to make the headlines of world news and vanished from the thoughts of world class authors.

But now, with the construction of a shipping route through Nicaragua connecting the Caribbean Sea to the Pacific Ocean underway, the country's chances may be turning.

At the Foot of the Volcano is a rare portrait of Nicaragua today, an increasingly popular destination, attracting over 1 million visitors annually.

During the two years he spent living there, Maarten Roest travelled throughout ‘the country of lakes and volcanoes’, even experiencing the temptations of the ‘other’, Caribbean Nicaragua and literally putting on gloves in the shadowy world of Nicaraguan boxing.

Uncompromisingly yet full of empathy, he describes a society still grappling with the harsh realities of life after civil war.

“Our country has all too often been used like a whore,” says a one-time Sandinista.

This book combines a delightfully personal author’s voice with the distance of historical background, whether it recounts the wisdom of a self made sorcerer, the religious doubts of a simple family man, or the lament of an out of work indigenous chief.

A must read for those visiting the country for the first time and for revolutionary nostalgics alike.

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